Tukka ‘l cel

Tukka ‘l cel – a project by Muhammad Sohail Azad, Ilaria Biotti and Richard Soriano Legaspi and Marica Vitas at
Bielmonte piazzale 2, in the Oasi Zegna.

The name Tukka’l cel plays with the assonance between touch the sky in the Piedmontese dialect and Tukkal – the name of a fighter kite in Urdu, which is the national language of Pakistan. The project aims to be a window on different narratives that might emerge when performing the same gesture, the flight of a kite, in the context of different geographies and socialisations.

DSC05588group photo by Richard Legaspi

The project is structured into two parts, the first step being the meeting between Muhammad Sohail Azad (buff Kites fighters, Pakistan), Edy Angelino (multiple flight expert with 4 independent stunt kites – unique performance at the international level – passionate in all specialities and manufacturer ) and Andrea Benini (agonist world-class fighters and manufacturer Kites, Italy) who will be the platform in the context of the shooting of an ethno-fiction genre that merges a documentary approach with a fictional aspect. The second meeting was a one day workshop space for informal interaction, the aim is to think through the do’s and provide for the active involvement of thirty participants in the building and flying of kites collective.

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The project is inspired by the concept of ‘other space’, the definition of Michel Foucault, “something like counter-sites, a kind of effectively enacted utopia in which the real sites, all the other real sites that can be found within the culture, are simultaneously represented, contested, and inverted. Places of this kind are outside of all places, even though it may be possible to indicate their location in reality.”(http://www.foucault.info/documents/heterotopia/foucault.heterotopia.en.html). Ilaria Biotti