cittadellarte-fondazione pistoletto

Cittadellarte aims to inspire people towards responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects. Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto was founded in 1998 as the physical embodiment of the Progetto Arte Manifesto (1994) with which the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto proposed a new role for the artist: the role of creating an interaction between all the diverse spheres of human activity that form the society. The name ‘Cittadellarte’ incorporates two meanings — that of a citadel, namely a protected and defended area where artistic projects can be nurtured and developed, and that of a city, which suggests openness and complex interrelations with the world. The activities of Cittadellarte are based on a vision of ‘creative involvement’, where art interacts directly with all dimensions of the social system — from economics to politics, from science to production, from education to behaviour — in order to achieve a responsible transformation in human civilisation. Cittadellarte is a new form of artistic and cultural institution that places art in direct interaction with the various sectors of society. An organism aimed at producing civilization, activating a responsible social transformation necessary and urgent a local and global level. Cittadellarte is an open community where individual and collective energies get activated towards the achievement of a common good in the different areas that constitute the social structure: from sustainable architecture and town planning to sustainable fashion, from industrial design and production to the development of craftsmanship, from international political relations to communication, nourishment and spirituality. Cittadellarte is a non-porfit organization of social utility, recognized by and under the patronage of the Region of Piedmont in 1998. Its headquarters are in Biella, in a 19th Century former wool mill, itself a piece of industrial archeology and protected by the Ministry of Cultural Assets.

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